Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who's Funding the Opposition to the Ground Zero "Victory" Mosque?

Yesterday morning before going to the office I was stopped in my tracks by a news report on Fox News saying that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, wants an investigation of those who are funding the opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque. Crazy, I know. It's like a tricky double-negative sentence, or a word problem in Algebra. I thought maybe the news anchor had gotten it wrong. But, no, it has been widely reported,(New York Daily News, Washington Times, Fox News, Politico, etc.)

Now, in recent weeks I have heard calls for an investigation into who will be funding the Mosque's construction. People want to know if organizations that support terrorists are funneling money into this project. But, for her first public weigh-in on the Ground Zero "Victory" Mosque, the speaker of the house decides to call for an investigation of who might be funding the opposition to the mosque! (It helps to say it out loud.)

My first thought is, "I am opposed to the mosque but I did not know funding was available!"

My second thought is, "Why would Nancy Pelosi choose to make such a statement, right before the November elections and with 64 percent of Americans against the mosque?" If democrats want to retire this fall, why don't they just do it instead of imploding in such a public fashion?

My third and fourth thoughts are, "Is funding available?"

My fifth thought is that I appreciate the interjection of something humorous into a situation that I am actually quite alarmed about. I believe this controversy to be a referendum on what Americans are going to do in the future concerning those who do not properly respect our ideals. (This is the point in the argument where the other 33 percent who support the mosque cry out about freedom of religion. As far as I know, no one is calling for a ban on building mosques in general. This is about respecting the memories of those who died in the 9/11 attacks, and recognizing that, while possibly those who are leading the Cordoba Initiative have only peaceful intentions, those who are our enemies will see this as a holy site, built to commemorate some perceived radical Islamic victory over America and the world.)

My sixth thought is that those who are pushing this mosque project are not politically savvy. If they wanted to gain the respect of the majority of Americans, they would publicly cancel their plans in the name of peace and harmony, and choose to build elsewhere.

My seventh thought is really a question: "Why does the left always think it is a right wing conspiracy when the majority of the people oppose one of their views (think Hillary Clinton)?" To ask who is funding the opposition, in this case, is to forget that everyday Americans are capable of agreeing together on something so obvious.

My eighth thought is borrowed from my friend Rob but worth repeating here. He asks, "Who is funding Nancy Pelosi? They should be forced to wear large red N's on their shirts."

My ninth thought is, "No, really, is funding available?"

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