Thursday, June 10, 2010

666 The Number of a Man: Dress Rehearsal Part II

If you didn't read my last entry on the subject of RFID technology you might want to do that before reading this one.

OK, so the technology exists, through Radio Frequency Identification to implant a chip about the size of the now proverbial grain of rice into human bodies for the purpose of security, the retrieval of personal records, buying and selling, etc.

Some people have missed the point, either of the videos (included below) or of my last blog. The point is not to say that this IS the mark of the beast or that this is exactly how it is going to be done. The point is to recognize the dress rehearsal. That is, to recognize that pieces are falling into place that let us know the times we are living in as they are related to biblical prophecy. So what "actors" are on the stage for this rehearsal?

The most obvious is THE SLOW BUT SURE EXCHANGE OF NATIONALISM FOR GLOBALISM. There is an increased identification across the globe of our shared concerns. A bad economy that the world has experienced at the same time. The threat of terrorism that is happening across the world. These two issues alone cause the whole world to begin to ask the same questions and say the same things and need the same answers. The day will come when global concerns will trump national ones. We have leaders in Washington right now who already sing this song.

It is not hard to see how the rise of global consciousness will demand increased global coordination. Ultimately this will lead to the need for specific global leadership. A leader will be needed who can point the way, shoulder the burdens, offer the answers, call down fire . . . . This is the climate that will give rise to the antichrist.

But, back to the chip. The Perry Stone video below claims that the government is going to require that all Americans have the chip by 2012 (there's that date again. Poor Harold Camping just can't seem to get any respect for his prediction of a 2011 Rapture). This sounds like one of those Christian rumors that we love to spread and it probably is. However, a student in one of my classes asked her brother who is apparently high up in our national security departments. He said there is no way that could happen. SO HERE'S THE THING: When we are looking at end time prophecy and extreme events we can't look at them through current reasoning. That is, you can't say something is impossible in 2012 when you don't know the pressure that will be brought to bare by that time (I am making no claim concerning 2012). I can tell you this: let a nuclear threat be made good in America and let politicians tell us that the answer is security that could only be brought on by this chip and suddenly the impossible becomes possible! Let the economy take an even worse hit due to massive identity theft that could supposedly be solved through a chip and and the immortal words of Bill Clinton will once more ring out from the "mighty mountains of New York to the curvaceous slopes of California": "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!" Americans will do practically anything for the economy.

One more interesting tidbit concerning this RFID technology. My impression was always that the chip itself would contain massive amounts of one's personal information and itself be their identity carrier but an article from 2004 says that the chip itself does not hold all the information but rather a barcode or number that would then be the access code into the bank of information held on a computer. So the chip would indeed begin to look like the Revelation 13 prophecy that calls it the "number of a man." Extending this globally every person would be assigned a number. Rev. 13 seems to suggest that the antichrist's number will be 666 (just one way to read it).

Well, little children, what do you think? I would love to hear your questions, comments, and insights.


  1. This site has some interesting comments on the chip and has its own interpretation of the mark of the beast. Check it out @

  2. Thanks for the link Michael. This is a great site if for no other reason than the sites and sources he quotes. He is obviously responding to various claims by prophecy preachers.

    I can't emphasize enough that, for me, the interesting thing is the mentality that is surfacing globally.

    I would also say, in response to some of the information in this website, that the number of his name aspect seems to reflect some system where people have been numbered. As stated in the Stone video, we are already known by our number (Social Security). What is interesting is the progression of global thought, the rising need for unity, the possibility of numbering the world which indicates a stage being set for a leader to rise.

  3. I recently read an article in the May issue of Time from Michael Schuman about the euro as the dollar's rival and" the sickly currency now threatens the global economic recovery. He used the so called PIIGS which are the euro zone members--Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain and the domino-like series of debt defaults that would cast Europe back into recession. There's talk of something like an "economic government" to coordinate individual countries' budgets".
    Not only Americans but the world will do anything for the global economy.

    Oddly enough the same Time issue featured Facebook as friends without borders and nearly 500 million people worldwide live their lives-or versions of them- on Facebook.
    It is getting easier to retrieve personal information on the internet, targeting your likes and share your purchases while linking them to global websites. Some 70% of Facebook users are outside the U.S.Its only a matter of time when the global Big Brother is controlling our every move and identities. If you can link this with the 4.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions world-wide the reality of this global thought is imminent.

  4. Now your just trying to scare us Michael! No, you're right. It's not just Americans. The whole world is clammoring. When the bad economy first began to have an affect on us and our ability to pay China what we owe them China called for a new intnational currecny. Hmmm.

    We will resist resist resist while underlying forces, even social forces do their work and then one day, we crumble. Just like the Berlin Wall and Communism. It seemed like it happened over night, but forces were at work.