Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Moving Experience

Went to see The Screwtape Letters in Manhattan last evening. I enjoyed it very much. I almost didn't make it though.

I have been having motion sickness lately. I had a life-changing encounter with it two weeks ago coming back from New Jersey. I thought I was going to die. I didn't. Death would have been a sweet release from the horrible sensation.

People say, "Does it help for you to be in the front seat?" I was driving!! Yesterday, I wound up taking the train into Manhattan just to avoid the car trip. I took Dramamine and all was going pretty well until I got into a taxi. The short taxi ride threatened to pierce through the Dramamine haze I was clinging to.

Bottom line? Go see The Screwtape Letters at the WESTSIDE THEATRE 407 W 43rd St. Take the train. Take Dramamine. Pray then take the taxi. Enjoy the program. Take more Dramamine. Arrive at home. Thank God.


  1. Sorry we missed it! Did you guys have a good time? Sorry we didn't make Sunday School...I know you heard about Amos...crazy weekend. We'll see you Sunday!

  2. Had a great time and would go back again.
    Sorry to hear about Amos.