Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sea Legs

I've never been to sea.  Don't want to start now (I am highly susceptible to motion sickness and should have an endorsement deal with Dramamine).  I guess when you go out to sea it takes a while for your legs to adjust to the constant tossing around of the waves and the need for keeping your balance.  When applied to average landlubbers like myself, I think the phrase "getting my sea legs" describes the feeling of uncertainty one has when embarking on a new venture and the effort to adjust to it.  That I understand.

It seems I am always adjusting to some new venture, and for me it is always an ad-venture. This New York adventure continues and has been one of the most interesting and fulfilling we have ever embarked on.

Our CD, Come In, has been an awesome adventure that is still in process.

Life with kids is always an adventure but life "interrupted" as it were by the arrival of a baby in your mid-forties: that's an adventure!  A very sweet interruption!

Life with God and daily applying your heart to what matters is always an adventure.  And as a pastor, life with people presents constant opportunity for growth, fun, humor, frustration, anger, adjustment, learning, teaching, etc.

In a world where there are a gillion blogs why do I want to publish one?  For me it is a chance to have an extended conversation about things that matter, things that are funny, sad, etc. Maybe some conversations that can encourage someone or even generate a new idea.  Conversations about all of the above and more.

One of the most powerful things that happen in a small group setting (5-11 people) is that you will almost always come away having an idea or a thought that you would never have had otherwise.  I like that.  Maybe this will be like a small group.

Anyway, we'll see what happens.

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